Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

well......when i first watched the movie Good Will Hunting i "fell in love with it." So i contiued to watch it....(about 24 times.)
then when i got my dvds taken away i only had Good Will hunting on VHS so i watched that again....(addiontional 15)
then my mom found out how many swear words were in it and she made me take the tape out of it.
wEIRd thing is that i am in flim studies class and when i recived the list of movies we were going to watch gues what movie was on there..............................
GOOD WILL HUNTING!!!! IT WAS SO WEIRD. as for my limit hey who cares..if ya really like it have at it

Writer's Block: Stardust memories

What is the your most cherished holiday memory from childhood, and why?

HALLOWEEN!!!!!! it was the best. My favorite year was the halloween of 2002. i was going throght a phase where all i wanted was Tweety bird stuff. So one day i came home from school and my foster mom had rented me this GIANT ! tweety bird suit i tried it on and it was massive on me. the next day wehen we were getting ready i painted my face yellow and we went out. About 8mintues later as wwe were leaving one of the houses.....my head fell of. LOL

My Story

 I have posted a story thta i am working on. If u are interrested in reading it you can find it on: www.mibba.com. search : JustMeAllMe nand then check out my story. I would tell you the name but, i have changed it so much i forget what it even is. I belive the last time i changed it, it was called Just Us. Create an account and get in touch with me to tell me how ya liked it.
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